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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ranger Kids Day, Hygiene Kits, and a Cookout Oh My

What an incredible day I had today. Started out taking our small (2) Ranger Kids Patrol to Ranger Kid Day. The District did a great job putting this together, in spite of some technical difficulties with the sound system. The theme was the Olympics and all the boys had a great time. My nephew Christian even took 6th place in one of the events (they awarded up to 10 places in individual events and up to 6 places in team events).
The real highlight for me was our service project, gathering Hygiene Kits for Convoy of Hope. We were told at our last round table meeting and followed up with an e-mail that the district would be collecting the hygiene kits and mailing them out all we had to do was put them together and bring them to Ranger Kid Day. Well we ran an insert in our church bulletin for 3 weeks and were able to collect 56 Hygiene Kits not bad for such a short amount of time. I just want to thank everyone who put together a kit for our outpost (I will express my thanks in person tomorrow morning during church), and if you haven't had a chance to put a kit together or would like to put another one or two together you can check out the link below on where they can be shipped.

Personal Hygiene Kits::Convoy of Hope

So anyway after driving the kids back to the church, I went to drop off my nephew and found out my wife and mother in-law were out shopping for fixings for an impromptu cookout. There is nothing like burgers on the grill after a great day of ministry. At this moment I just feel so blessed.