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I'm a stay-at-home Dad suffering from Fibromyalgia. I homeschool my daughter and lead worship at my church. I'm also a gamer and a geek and proud of it.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Easy does it...

Well the Holidays are over, and what a relief. seemed like they were extra busy this year. So let's recap. I finished the CD for my mom and sent it out late. She should be getting it any day now. Also gave a few copies to some friends down in New Jersey and sent a copy to my brother just to see what he thinks.

So now it's back to the old routine. Sasha and I finally started school this week (we were going to start on Monday but I came down with a cold so we didn't start until Wednesday. This was my first cold of the season by the way.) Slow going but we are making progress.

We have gymnastics today followed by church. (I still need to pick up a few things for Ranger Kids tonight from the dollar store.) I can't wait to get back to working with the boys. (3 weeks is way to long.)

Ok, so now onto something new. Well not new for me, but I haven't really talked about it on here yet. I'm seriously thinking giving talks on being a homeschool dad. I realize that I have a lot to share not only with homeschool dads but also with dads in general. Some topics that God has put on my heart include: Being a stay-at-home dad (this is really on the rise in our current economic crisis), Being a Homeschool Dad, Homeschooling with a Chronic Illness (having FMS makes homeschooling difficult at times), A Father's Role in a Child's Education (This applies to all fathers not just homeschooling ones.)

So I'm mentioning this so that I can get some feedback and prayers from my friends. I was a training facilitator for almost five years, so speaking in front of people doesn't phase me. It's the subject matter that frightens me. I want people to take me seriously as these are serious topics. Any advice or encouragement would be appreciated.