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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You shall know them by their...

So I was thinking the other morning on my commute to work, yes I am actually employed now, while watching the people drive through the rain and sleet, or rather try to drive. I'm always dismayed by the amazing lack of winter driving ability found among the denizens of Southern New England. I mean come on we grew up here didn't we. Well, no some of them didn't, which is obvious when you are stuck in traffic. I have always said that you can tell a real New Englander by how well they drive in the snow.

This reminded me of something Jesus said, you may be familiar with it, you shall know them by their fruit. That caught my attention. Would people know I belong to Jesus by looking at my fruit, or rather by the way I live my life. Do I show love to others, do I exhibit joy in all circumstance, do I enjoy a peace that can't be explained.etc., Well do I? Do we? Does my life reflect my status as one of the redeemed or do I look just like all the other strangers around me. Could another Christian pick me out in a crowd, simply by observing the way I interact with the people in my life and how I react to the circumstances of my life?

Christmas is an easy time for most people to act like Christians. So what can we do to set us apart from the crow? How can we let the Son of Glory, which dwells in our hearts, shine brighter than the tinsel this year? It's more than saying Merry Christmas, though I will happily greet everyone I meet with the traditional Yuletide cheer. For me it's about seeing beyond the natural and loving humanity the way God does. Even a simple act of kindness like holding a door for someone can speak volumes in a world where such basic social manners have been lost.

We've been given the greatest gift from God above, so this year I'm going to share it with others and let it shine!