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I'm a stay-at-home Dad suffering from Fibromyalgia. I homeschool my daughter and lead worship at my church. I'm also a gamer and a geek and proud of it.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Life is so not cool

I have come to the conclusion that life is so not cool right now.I have all these ideas running through my head that I want to implement, like sharing our awesome European vacation or the web-comic that never gets past preliminary sketches. That is mostly if not all the fault of my fight with a chronic illness. My Fibromylagia flared up big time over the last few weeks culminating in a "break down" of sorts after our church's VBS. I pushed myself to hard to be everything everyone expected me to be and I paid the price. There is only so long someone can ignore chronic pain before it consumes them. I'm better now though still not 100% and I realize that I need to take things slower and go back to pacing myself. To that end my blog posts are going to be fewer and I will be doing one post on Europe instead of the 6-8 part series I had planned. As far as the web-comic I will be once again putting that project on hold, as School will be starting up soon. On a related note Monday will be my last day at my part-time bookkeeping job. I hope to share more of my thoughts on worship and ideas about managing a household from a guy's perspective and I do have some new recipes to share, it's just going to be a while until I get around to posting.