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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need Some Advice

Over the past few months, I have alluded to where I think God is calling me. After much reflection and prayer, I have decided to take the next step. My problem is I don't know what that step should be. I don't want to rush ahead of God, but I also know that I have to take that first step in faith.

So, here is where I think God is leading me and my dilemma. I feel called to minister with the musical ability I have been given. My heart is to bless the church through song and testimony, and I feel God is giving me the OK to move ahead to the next step. That brings me to my dilemma.

I have no idea what to do next. When I lived in New Jersey I knew many Pastors and could have probably sang in their churches to get my feet wet, or at the very least solicited advice or references. Living in Rhode Island, I really don't have the contacts I had before.

So I have two questions for everyone.

1. Do you know where I should start?

2. More importantly, do you feel this is where God is leading me? ( I have a peace about it, just looking for some confirmation and encouragement here.)