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Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembering My Dad on Veteran's Day

Went to get my free meal at Applebee's today, seeing as I'm a veteran. It was nice being honored for serving, but it was also bitter sweet. I watched many families bringing in their fathers and grandfathers to get their free meals and I couldn't help but think about my own father. He was a veteran as well and though we didn't have a great relationship growing up, it was getting better before his stroke and eventual passing. I thought about how I would never have the chance to bring him out for a meal, to share one of our few common bonds.

I say all this because it's important to honor our parents while they are still with us. Even if they haven't done anything deserving of honor, God says to honor them because He gave them to us for parents. So today I want to honor my father, not because he was a great dad, or even because he was a veteran, but simply because he was my dad. I hope he found peace with God at the end, so we can sit down at the great table in heaven and talk about all the things we did have in common.

Dad, thank you for your service, I miss you and love you.