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I'm a stay-at-home Dad suffering from Fibromyalgia. I homeschool my daughter and lead worship at my church. I'm also a gamer and a geek and proud of it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Week Down

Whirlwind of activity over here as I really start to get my head around Leading the worship team. Leading is a funny word when it comes to this ministry as we are practically starting from scratch. I'm so thankful that God has placed some extremely talented individuals in my church. So I have successfully made it through two Sundays leading worship and organizing our merry little band. Dave B. has been a real blessing, having not only great talent but also a servant's heart. Paul P. has proven a great rock to lean on and Armand has really stepped up to the plate on Thursday nights freeing me to keep focused on the Ranger Kids. The Girls have been amazing and it is exciting to see them getting excited about serving the Lord. And I was taken aback by how talented Ed L. is on guitar. Finally I'm also taken aback by how awesome God is.

I'm reminded of the parable of the talents and of how God rewards those that use what they have for God by giving them more. I always knew this to be true but never have I seen it manifested so obviously in my own life as I have over the last few months. My wife got me a guitar for my birthday at the end of January, and not only am I playing it at church already (not quite sure when it all clicked) but I am also playing the keyboard far more proficiently than I ever did before. Considering I haven't played consistently for well over 6 years. It's like everything I ever learned about music and worship in particular has finally begun to mesh and is now starting to be put into practical application.

It's exciting and humbling at the same time. I should be more stressed out by it, but I'm not. I guess i could chalk it up to previous experience, but I suspect a lot of it has to do with my new found confidence in the talents and abilities God has given me. I'm just starting to accept the fact that I am talented and that it is okay to admit it. The key is to find a balance between the tension of humility and pride, and to remember ultimately my talents are meant to show forth God's glory. St. Irenaeus said "The glory of God is man fully alive." Well, I coming to life.