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Monday, September 24, 2012

Managing Mondays: Managing Yourself

Some of you may have noticed the sporatic nature of some of the BLOG entries as of late. This is due in part to it being the start of the new school year and also to an increase in church activities, September was a very busy month.

This got me thinking. Am I trying to do too much? Am I overextended? In some ways, yes I am. So, let me say right off the bat that the blog will go on. Though, I think Managing Mondays will be an every other week feature, alternating with the new homeschool focused Teaching Tuesdays. That being said, what are someways that we can avoid future burnout?

1. Set realistic goals. Seriously, the biggest mistake people make when goal setting is setting the bar too high. It's one thing to say you will read your Bible daily, it's another to say you will memorize the entire New Testament by the end of the year.

2. Know your limitations. This goes hand and hand with the first one. This is, honestly, the one I struggle with all the time, especially with having a chronic illness. Sometimes we just want to do more than is physically possible for us to do. I hate to sound cliche but, you really can't be in two places at once.

3. Take time for yourself. As parents, especially homeschooling parents, we tend to place the needs of our children and our children's interests ahead of our own. When was the last time you pursue one of your own interests. We all need to recharge our batteries now and then. Take a sanity break every now and then.

4. Take time with God. Similarly, we need to take time to be alone with God. Make it a priority to read His word and to pray everyday. This can be as simple as a great devotional, or going for a quiet walk where you can talk to Him as you walk. You can even combine it with a sanity break. Tending a flower garden you love lends itself to great conversation with the one who made the flowers bloom.

Remember, we are of no use to our families if we are burnt out and exhausted. Taking time for yourself is definitely a lesson we should not only learn, but also pass on to our children. Just as we want them to be dilligent, we also want them to avoid overextending themselves. Even God took time to rest on the seventh day, how much more do we need to rest?