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Monday, August 20, 2012

Managing Mondays: Recycled Organization

So, I was thinking about what to write for today's article when it hit me. I haven't really talked about organization in a while. With that in mind I want to talk about re-purposing existing storage solutions. You know those items that helped you stay organized and for one reason or another are now obsolete. For example, we are currently in the middle of rearranging our living space in order to accommodate an adopted child in our future. To that end my daughter's room has gotten some lovely hand-me-down furniture from her Great Grandmother and her old furniture has headed off into storage, or at least most of it. One item that she had was a grid shelving system that could be reconfigured in numerous ways.

Well as she no longer needs this item, and it will not really fit in the extra bed room, it is going into storage, well at least most of it is. I've been thinking about getting a grid to place on the pantry door in our kitchen to hang our pots and pans on. (They take up far too much space in our cabinets.) When I was taking the shelves apart I thought that these just might work. So laying them flat and reinforcing the connectors with some twist-ties I was able to create a flat grid to place on the door. I used an existing over the door coat rack to hang it in place and then purchased some S-hooks from the hardware section at Walmart and well viola:

It is functional and looks great and the best part is it only cost me around 10 bucks as I already had the coat rack and the twist-ties.

So, have you ever re-purposed your old storage solutions or other items. If so leave a comment and let me know.