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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Worship Wednesdays:Serve with Fear and Rejoice with Trembling

The attitude in which we approach God is a direct reflection of our hearts as worshipers. As God initiates His revelation to man, man responds in worship. The proper response is exemplified by the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 6. When overwhelmed by God's presence, He cries "Woe is me." When was the last time you approached God and realized you were undone and unclean. Ultimately we need to remember to be humble when approaching God's throne, for true worshipers are marked by their humility expressed as genuine reverence.

"Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling" Psalm 2:11

The "fear" of the Lord is more accurately referred to as "awe." When a healthy respect for God intersects with our joy over what He has done, we begin to understand what that verse means. Consider the women at the empty tomb in Matthew 28:8-20 They were overcome with both fear and joy at the Resurrection.

This is the proper response when ever we approach God's throne as it is through His mercy we can enter his presence. Humility is directly linked to a heart that is grateful. The converse is also true that a prideful heart cannot appreciate God's mercy. A worshiper should take time to dwell upon this reality on a regular basis.

If we want God to move mightily in our services we need to keep Christ as the center of those services. I firmly believe that in order to do that we need to maintain a sense of awe and reverence in regards to his mighty work Salvation.