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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Worship Wednesdays: PraiseTools.com REVIEW

I had been looking around for a cost effective solution for distributing our weekly set lists to the members of our worship team. I looked at a lot of free and subscription based solutions and finally found one that did everything I wanted and needed it to do. That solution is PraiseTools.com.

This FREE website offers a great way to store your database of chord charts plus gives you the option of transposing the charts to any key you want (major keys only but if you know the relative major of the minor key it works just fine.) It also tracks the last time a song was played and which songs you play most often.

By entering the members of your team and their e-mails you can then assign which team members will be playing for each individual service and send them an e-mail with a link to the charts for that particular services or event. This way my team becomes responsible for maintaining their own music and updating their books with any missing or changed songs.

The system also allows you to enter the songs CCLI number and can retrieve all the pertinent copyright information for the song. It then populates those fields automatically for you saving time when entering new songs into your database. Of course you can always search through the sites top 100 songs being used by the community and add those songs to your own list. I find that feature amazing as I can see what songs are being used by other churches.

Right now the service is in Beta and is free but there are plans to add a subscription based service with additional functionality in the future. I've been using the system since the alpha release and I have to say that for a Free service it outshines even some of the subscription based sites out there. I just can't say enough about the system and the technical support has been very good about getting back to me on any issues I have encountered. Overall I'd have to give it two big thumbs up.