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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Week...and it's only Wednesday

So the Week started off with a visit to my wife's Grandparents. That actually went really well, that is until the ride home. that was when our seventeen year-old car decided to hit a pothole, which in turn caused the shocks to actually break through the rusted car into the back of the car (it pushed the speaker right up, lol). So we spent most of yesterday cleaning out the car, and our other two junk cars so we could sell them to a local junk yard.

Today we had the cars towed to the junk yard and went out car shopping and are now the proud owners of a 2011 Chevy HHR. It's funny that we just heard a sermon on Sunday about waiting and expecting. One of the best quotes from that sermon was " Waiting is not about time, it's about expecting." So we went out today expecting to find a car and well we did.

You might think we were too impulsive, and maybe we were or maybe we are just stepping out onto the water, expecting God to keep us from sinking. Sometimes our faith needs to be lived out through expecting.

Are we nervous?


Are we crazy?


Are We stepping closer to God?