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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dream Big

I read a great article online today about finding God's will for your ministry in 2012 (it can be found here: http://crossleadership.com/leadership-lessons-to-live-by-gods-will-for-your-ministry-in-this-coming-year/). Anyway one of the things it mentioned was dreaming big, and that got me to thinking. It's been a long time since I've given dreaming big any thought. You see I seem to always dream big, it was lesson I learned a few years back when we bought our first home.

At the time my wife and I really thought there was no way we could ever afford a home. Our credit was shot and house prices seemed totally in the realm of fantasy. But, in 2000 we realized that most of our debt was paid off, house prices were bottoming out and 'duh' I qualify for a VA home loan. Sometimes my brilliance is overshadowed by just how stupid I can be. lol.

Long story short we not only bought our house but also managed to remodel the kitchen and bathroom and paint and carpet all but one room. The master bedroom was painted but we never got around to carpeting it before we had to sell the house. turned a great profit on the house and was able to pay off the rest of our debt including a car loan and also bought a second car with cash. All I can say is God is good, people.

I say all this not to gloat but to help you realize that sometimes we don't get anywhere in our ministries and our lives because we are too afraid to dream big. We worry about the results of our decisions to the point of paralysis. I'm not saying we don't need to plan and make wise decisions, but maybe we need to take a few chances now and then, and stop with the endless hypothetical arguments that we have in our minds.

So this year I'm going to dream big in all the areas of my life. A preliminary list:
  1. I'm going to start a drama team at church
  2. I'm going to take my family to Florida in March on vacation
  3. My wife and I are going to get licensed as foster parents in preparation for adopting a child
  4. I'm going to Soul Fest in August
  5. I'm going to Blog more and write at least one book
  6. I'm going to write that play I've always talked about
  7. I'm going to go back to school
  8. I'm going to eat healthier and exercise regularly
  9. I'm going to draw closer to God
That last one should be a priority in any Christian's life and should probably be at the top of the list. Anyway that's my list, I'm sure it will grow and change as God leads me through the year, but for now I'll let it stand. Now the question is what are your dreams for this coming year? I would love to hear them.