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I'm a stay-at-home Dad suffering from Fibromyalgia. I homeschool my daughter and lead worship at my church. I'm also a gamer and a geek and proud of it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Long hiatus

I'm back, hopefully going to try to update this thing a little more often. Why is it that when you really want to try and get yourself organized life seems to start moving in overdrive. Seriously, I haven't been slacking off here, been really busy with church and homeschooling, hopefully I can catch everyone up to speed. If not, well hey it just isn't meant to be. Anyway on to other news...

Our church's annual Christmas Candlelight Service is this weekend and the choir and I have been working hard on a program I arranged. Also my wonderful daughter was in the Junior Choir's production this past weekend and had a speaking part, only a few lines really, but hey she didn't forget them and even delivered then with some feeling. Maybe she did learn a few things in the public speaking class we did at coop a few semesters ago. :)