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Monday, June 4, 2012

M is for Mondays and Math

So with the start of the new week we are starting our new format. Mondays are now going to be categorized under Managing Mondays, where we will be discussing varrious topics having to do with managing a homeschooling household.We will have various product reviews, recipes, and maybe even some organizing tips.

Anyway I thought I would give a review to one of my favorite subjects: MATH!!!

Spectrum Math 

Spectrum Math, 2007 Edition, Grade 3   -

Spectrum Math was the first math curriculum we used and still remains as one of my favorites, though they are simple workbooks, they are easy to understand with plenty of problems to reinforce concepts being taught. Best of all they are fairly inexpensive and can be found in many office supply and discount department stores.If you are looking for an affordable way to homeschool, Spectrum is definitely the way to go.

Oh BTW they also make Phonics, Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Science, Geography, and many other workbooks as well.