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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Worship Wednesdays: What is Worship (Part 2)

So last time we discussed what the word worship actually means. This time I want to continue the discussion by looking at the word that is translated as worship in the New Testament.

In the N.T. the word is proskyneo which means “to worship” (Mt. 2:2). It is a variation of proskynei “to fall face down” (Mt 18:26). Does this mean we should all lay face down in our pews and worship God?

I tend to believe not, though there are times when this is an appropriate physical response to God's presence. I do believe that there should be a prostrating or bowing down of our spirits before God. We should always come before God with humility of heart, after all God knows all of our shortcomings even the ones we are not aware of.

So, taken together with the idea that Worship is better defined as Service, our worship or service should spring from a heart that is humble before God and is operating out of an intense love of God. That of course is the core of the matter, it really comes down to the motive within our hearts. Worship rendered before God for any other motive does not follow the biblical model.