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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Worship Wednesday: Woonsocket Day of Prayer

What is the likelyhood that you could get two churches of different traditions to work together for a common goal? How about 10 churches? Pretty slim right? Well what if I told you that this past weekend I participated in a prayer service involving not two churches, not ten churches, but twenty churches of different traditions, who came together as the body of Christ to pray for our city.

To me this is what unity is all about. Where we can put aside the things that divide us and concentrate on the things we have in common. Every church at this prayer meeting cares about vour city, loves Jesus, and realizes that He is the only one that is going to bring about a change in our city. It is not going to take more social programs, though God can use those to help the hurting. It is not going to take rallies or angry mobs, though God can use those to bring awareness. It is going to take God's people getting on their knees and praying for the people God loves (which by the way is everyone.)

Sometimes, I think what keeps God from moving is the lack of unity of His people. Maybe it is time we stopped trying to build our own little kingdoms and started building God's Kingdom. I'd love to hear your opinions.