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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Worship Wednesdays: Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas?!? Really?!? It's not even November yet,  but yes if I'm going to get ahead of the scheduling insanity that is the holiday season, I need to start thinking about our church's annual Christmas program. This year after listening to far to much Christmas music in July I have decided to have our choir perform Bethlehem Morning - A Ready to Sing Christmas.I like the simple arrangement and the fact that the selections have some style variation. (Too many Musicals and Cantatas I've listened to seem to get stuck in one particular style for every selection.) Of course if I had the time I would design my own program (I've done that twice now, and though the results are rewarding the time and effort is just beyond what I can handle this year.)

I know not every church out there has a choir (we only have one at Christmas time) but there is something about the traditional choral selections at this time of year that resonate with people, especially the unchurched. Almost everyone is familiar with Christmas carols and when combined with powerful narration and scripture reading can make for an unexpected evangelical service. For many this might be one of the only time during the year that they are thinking about God or are willing to even attended a church service.

So, I would encourage you to start thinking ahead, and planning how you will proclaim not just Christ's birth this Christmas but also His death and resurrection. Choral music might not be your thing or fit into your church's culture, but the message of His coming and taking on flesh definitely ought to be. Take some time to plan out your holidays and feel free to let me know what your planning this holiday season.